WAVES token became available on the Ethereum network

The Waves.tech ecosystem has released a WAVES native token at the Ethereum blockhouse. ForkLog was informed about this by the company representatives.

WAVES holders will now be able to use decentralised applications, stock exchanges and DeFi protocols at the Ethereum Block Cell, and Ethereum users will have access to Waves functionality.

WAVES pools will be available on the Uniswap, 1inch and Curve exchanges.

„Ethereum is the leading blockchain by number Bitcoin Lifestyle app of dApp users. The launch of the WAVES token in ERC-20 format opens up new opportunities for interaction between the two ecosystems,“ comments Sasha Ivanov, founder of Waves.

You can use the Waves-Ethereum gateway at Waves.Exchange. To issue one ERC-20 WAVES coin, you need to block 1 WAVES on the Waves blockchain, the developers note. The reverse conversion of tokens is possible.

Starting in 2021, the gateway will operate via the Gravity protocol, which integrates the various blockheads and is an oracle between systems.

The Waves team also plans to implement the possibility of stacking tokens directly from Ethereum wallets.

Recall that in September, the Waves.Exchange launched the DeFo ecosystem based on the stealth tokens with support for six Neutrino-based coins.

In October, Waves announced the integration of the Solana blockbuster into the Gravity protocol for DeFi development.

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