Primex Finance Launches Beta 0.3.0 with Multi-Chain Functionality!

• Primex Finance releases Beta 0.3.0 application with deployments to Polygon Mumbai and zkEVM Testnets
• Early Users have access to major protocol updates and exclusive benefits
• Beta 0.3.0 introduces four new core features, including multi-chain functionality

Primex Finance, a cross-chain prime brokerage protocol, is pleased to announce the launch of its Beta 0.3.0 application. This major update to the Primex platform offers a variety of new features, as well as improvements and fixes of existing functionalities. To ensure the best possible experience for users, the Primex team has decided to roll out the release in two stages.

Beginning on January 12th, 2023, Phase 1 was exclusively made available for Primex Early Users. Those participating in the program could be the first to get their hands on the new Beta 0.3.0 and provide feedback to the Primex team. Early Users also enjoy a number of additional benefits, such as direct communication with the Primex team and fellow Early Users via Discord, as well as the chance to participate in private challenges and earn exclusive prizes.

On January 18th, 2023, the Primex team will open Beta 0.3.0 to the public, allowing anyone to launch the application and test the new release without restrictions.

The new Beta 0.3.0 introduces four new core features. As the most important one, Primex now deploys to two new blockchains: the Polygon Mumbai and Polygon zkEVM testnets. This means that users can now test Primex by trading and lending digital assets on DEXs across four different blockchains (Ethereum Goerli, zkSync 2.0 testnet, Polygon Mumbai, and Polygon zkEVM testnet).

Moreover, with the new multi-chain functionality, traders and lenders now have the possibility to easily swap between different networks via a single interface. Primex also adds a new liquidity sharing solution, allowing traders to access multiple liquidity pools simultaneously. The third feature is a new staking interface, which will enable users to stake their digital assets and earn rewards for their support of the Primex protocol. Lastly, the new version of Primex also includes a dashboard that provides key information about the user’s account and activities.

The Primex team is extremely excited about the launch of Beta 0.3.0 and the new features it brings. With this release, the team is one step closer to bringing the Primex protocol to the mainstream and making it accessible to more users.

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